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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 8815 Deluxe

Instructions and Help about Will Form 8815 Deluxe

You have yellow stuff stuck on your internet my name is Michaela and I am black white and Chinese I'm half white and half Filipino maybe a little bit Chinese I'm Chinese and Vietnamese supposedly Asian people have dry earwax and I have no idea what texture your wax I have I'm doctor Qian creamy I'm an ENT head and neck surgeon today we're gonna be removing Asian earwax Asian earwax is a little bit different in that it can tend to be a little bit drier and a little bit more brittle you make a lot of wax or I think so when I was a kid I like had a problem with producing too much wax and do you use q-tips yes sometimes I think I make a lot of wax I do sometimes put my fingers in there still now as an adult it's a problem it gets like itchy and clogged up like after six months all right well let's take a look and see here Oh all right we're now we're gonna go into your hair yeah so that's oh yeah looks like caramel Snickers oh that is so disgusting so that's wax that's pushed down the q-tip oh my god I can tell you don't use q-tips because look all the wax is where it's supposed to be and not further in did you touch your ear recently it's very possible okay looks like you may have bruised your ear canal here a little bit with your finger so you got to be careful but we'll go ahead and clean this wax off for you okay and this should come out pretty easily I can feel it crackling and popping oh that's just some old skin that came out too so that's done let's take a look at the other side god it's like corn flakes Music right I feel like I can hear worse oh my gosh I like want to watch it but I also go wanna watch it oh I did not know that people actually do this Wow usually you don't get this kind of view oh my god that is so disgusting are you wiping it on me wasn't you better'n know I felt ten times like oh my god it looks like a cockroach that's pretty big stuff here I came here from my left ear it looks like a freaking alien okay don't make you talk a lot okay got it nice job that was a stroke if that was a bigger piece there Oh me I actually had to break it up a little bit to even get it out I can't believe that was in my ear that was such a crazy experience I was surprised at how much was in there I barely had any ear wax I just had a normal healthy persons amount of your wax I didn't think I would enjoy it as much as I did seeing it on camera right in front of you is crazy I would definitely recommend this especially if you've never cleaned out your ears who knows you've probably built up 20 years of ear wax and you don't even know and the human body is disgusting so it's just always fun to take a peek at it when you can Music.

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