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Music hello and welcome to this review of my Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2022 edition I hope you like rants because this is gonna be one I'll get to the toothpick later I've previously done a review of the original 2022 model and for some reason a whole bunch of people told me that it actually used razor switches instead of Cherry MX blue even though a very clearly showed in the video that they are MX blues but whatever still I had loads of requests to do an actual razor Green model and now someone's donated this one so I can finally oblige this one is actually third hand but absolutely mint as the previous owner only used it for half an hour and the first one didn't use it at all despite reportedly buying it for 250 euros plus shipping and import fees which puts this in the roughly three hundred and fifty euros of $400 ballpark as I mentioned in the previous video they changed the fair bit about the keyboard over the years for example this one uses monochrome green backlighting while the all the one used monochrome blue but some things are still the same so I won't go into too much detail here and there for example the build quality is basically the same it's a plastic rimmed case a metal mounting plate setup and it weighs almost exactly the same as the original and around thirteen hundred and fifty grams sans cable has got a USB pass-through audio jack socket set cetera they did change the finish from glossy plastic to mock though which I'm sure a lot of people will like because whenever I show a glossy plastic keyboard I always got a lot of cries appealed as guest in the comments and I mind too much myself but I can see why some do particularly because glossy gets dirty a lot quicker one problem with the matte finish is that they made the lock light switch already rather cryptic symbols to start with shine through the case which makes them really blurry and even more illegible I mean look at this what the bloody ass fuck is going on here the caps are the same cheap laser ablated abs ones with possibly the ugliest font i've ever seen on a keyboard and that's saying something it really goes to show Razer is the champion of keyboard uglification and this sort of key kept printing tensor very low durability as well sometimes as little as a few months before damage occurs the switches are as mentioned before Razer green switches and judging mother on that venomous remarks many of my viewers have uttered at them I wasn't expecting much to begin with but still I gave them the benefit of the doubt as well as the usual week of tryouts Razer green switches are clones of clones of Cherry MX blue switches developed my kawar and based on their own PG 1511 clone switch series which uses similar easily recognizable Square top housing as these razors compared to Cherry's they have a slightly higher lifetime rating of 60 million key presses versus the standard 50 million but otherwise they're fairly similar nowadays a slightly different version is also being produced by gree tech and those use a more classic shape of the top housing and they're apparently rated to 80 million cycles although it's dubious what a good that would do if your key camps fail within a fraction of that now although I'm not known as the greatest file of cherry MX switches I think they're rather mediocre I have said on several occasions that of the MX lineup a cherry MX blue is my favorite because horrendous clicking noise notwithstanding at least they're actually tactile which is something that for example MX brown can't boast of these razor switches feel almost exactly the same as Cherry MX blue with one exception and you can probably guess what this is going but yeah the tactility is missing again just if you look at the force curve you can see that it's one of those switches that's actually more title on the upstroke than on the downstroke even a bit like Futaba ma switches this gives rise to a rather weird key feel it's not outright unpleasant but with very little tight ility and a really annoying clicky noise it kind of left wondering what the point of these switches is I've read they have minimally less hysteresis than Cherry MX blue but this really doesn't salvage the situation in my opinion but honestly of all my frustrations those things were by far not even the worst one in fact my really bad experiences with this thing started almost immediately when I first built this keyboard I'd started playing through Diablo 2 again one of my favorite games of all time only to find out that they put the function keys as a layer over the media and backlight keys instead of the other way around and as Diablo 2 players will know your skills are by default mapped to the F keys which makes this very annoying indeed now I think this is because this is a Mac layout 1 and I guess max don't use f keys or something but really couldn't they have just put a Mac to PC dip switch at the back of something considering how much this thing costs I mean I really think this Mac layout is less than ideal for gaming which this keyboard does advertise itself for and if you have to use both a Mac and Windows and I think that's not that uncommon you're just fucked so one of the first things I did was take off this key cap and immobilize that FN key were the toothpick so that the F Keys got fixed even though this looks like an absolute embodiment of retardation now another issue that stood out.

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