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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 8815 Download

Instructions and Help about Will Form 8815 Download

Alright we're back so next we're going to go ahead and import both of our footage is which is the flare and flair to wherever you want to call it drag it into the project and the composition you're going to make it 1080 again 15 seconds hold on one now I'm back okay first one that dragged our own Flair wine in the air what's your first one you're exporting and we can go ahead and see you make a new layer make sure it's a text layer if we can say just whatever you want to say to your intro and we can go ahead and click the pen tool or the words will stretch it out just like last time we'll put it right here and we'll set the opacity and position position will just kind of move it right here and we'll set our opacity again right here right at the end of this we will completely turn down the opacity then we'll wait half a second for the four second mark remise this bed and drag in the footage again and even though it looks like this again what we're going to do something different this time going to move this around like this so that gives it kind of randomness we can go ahead and make our new text layer and I'm going to just say tutorials when we go ahead and take our pen tool again and move this right to where it matches out maybe stretch it out a little bit and then we'll drop down transform and go ahead and set the opacity and scale but except before this one we want to put right here we'll set the opacity 20 and then we got our position when we move this to about right here oh I forgot to put the position you know and I put scale instead Dyer sometimes alright go ahead and put position and drag it down until it's great here that stops we'll go ahead and set our opacity time watch and right when it stops right here we will set it to zero ok now we're going to wait to like another second to the second mark we'll go ahead and bring in our flare too so we want to go ahead and drop this back up Claire to put that under we will make this right here half second we can go ahead make our new text yeah I like that text go ahead and make this a little bit bigger like this sit on top and right here we'll turn the opacity all the way down zero right here we'll turn it to hundred percent and we'll set our position move to about right here and move this to the side and then again we'll set our opacity and then we'll put it to zero now what you have is a pretty decent lookin intro see awesome well you just completed your first intro and after effects I don't know if you guys tried at it but it's pretty professional looking export it do whatever you want and you can use it for intros of your videos or what a whatever you know anyway this devin tucker and thank you for watching.

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