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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 8815 Educational

Instructions and Help about Will Form 8815 Educational

Yep hello YouTube yet another runs off tutorial now this is Tori's about our some of my friends who have tried to install this tub tropical plugins and they have failed they are in one or another series cannot cannot be activated so to start with we should I should just take you to my where I installed my plugins that is computer J graphics so I believe you guys you already have this but in case you haven't you downloaded the tropical plugins there's a really cool way of our I've tried to shut up as in try to shut and you the work however you can just go to the tripod website and then you download the demo version I've given you the serial number so you can just copy and paste any of them right here I've tried to give you as in most of them in case her there there a couple of our two of the or two two or one of them is missing I'll have to uh to her to paste it a little to update on that warned as soon as possible but it's fun it's really worth it just downloading the demo version straight from the website and just start enjoying otherwise but those do you have problems yet still no our problems are for still having problems up installing them let's just start with a solid just make it to concise and then I I apply my truck called a 3d stroke ah you see just this little option in case you go here you see that's it you have you can insert in your serial number again and guess it felt just right because there many of them cuz I yeah I just give like five of them but they're way many of them you can just keep on trying I know it will walk in case it persists and it can't walk just try to install it and reinstall it again I know it will still work and the other thing is uh the other thing is that basically that's what it's all about just to remind you is that you need to make sure that you don't kind of confuse the different serial numbers in case you're installing a 3d stroke you have to go in for 3d stroke like here let me distract and make sure that the thing that you installing is really 3d stroke yes must be the 3d stroke is in there couple of them the many of them if that's very well and she and you're sure of it then you can just pass it inside and I know it will walk but I'm not for testing it you can just use the pen tool and try to draw something fun see here like these right so I know I snowed up good but uh just not be I'm just trying to show you how how do you think really walks just like if I try to feather it and I can try to bring it at the start and then put end onto it and then come right here at the end and I can just reduce it to zero and then I can I can change the color to something like her I love I love lime green if I just try to bring it back again and the other thing is are the taper if you put on the table it puts on that tail established art style I just love it if I'm just trim off try to remove that you see see then with this you can add on to a glow and make it to all your prefers that you really prefer then lots of other options down here I won't go into it because it's not a tutorial for 3d plugins the 3d stroke plugin I told me some other time with us in case you need it but I just trying to show you what are some of the really nice cool stuff about this these are the software I think you can see guys you just try to do it I know you'll love it very very much okay.

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