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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 8815 Features

Instructions and Help about Will Form 8815 Features

Take a look at that 5x optical zoom 5x digital very nice-looking what's up everybody I'm Sam from computer TV and today I'm going to tell you about this kodak easyshare this is the Z 1485 is stands for image stabilization and this is a nice looking a very powerful digital camera first of all it's a 14 megapixel how often do see 14 megapixel on a point shoot camera not very often again you have a 5x optical zoom 5x digital just take a look at that thing you are gonna be able to get in super super close you with 35 millimeter lens and I'm going to turn it over to the back and you'll see you have a 2.5 inch LCD screen right there now you have 32 Meg's of internal storage definitely not that much but just get an SD or an SDHC card and you can have all the storage your little heart desires ISO 6400 so if you're shooting in low-light won't be a problem at all now the coolest thing about this kodak easyshare is that you can shoot 720p high def movies on here so awesome load them up to your computer share them with friends on Facebook YouTube whatever you got to do to get your movies out there and don't just leave them on your digital camera that's no fun you also have panorama on here as well as face detection 16 scene modes 5 different color modes in camera editing so you can resize you can crop you can rotate you can Chris slideshow all those things without a PC and last but not least this thing takes rechargeable batteries so I don't have to worry about going out getting a pair of double a's okay so let's take a look around this thing I'm going to power back on we are in standby mode right now so let's power on this is the power button up here and you also have your Flash button right next to it as well as your timer and your shooting mode if you want to go into burst mode you can do that with just one touch okay so we're powered we're powered on right here you have your mode selection wheel to switch from different shooting modes turning over to the back again your 2.5 inch LCD screen you have your wide and your tight right here and let me show you guys the zoom it really is killer okay so look how close I can get very nice perfect for concerts okay turning back over right here you have your delete button here this is your display now you have your ok button right here you have your menu your review which is also playback and your share button here so you can tag photos as favorites and share them once you are connected to your PC now but turn over to the side and open this door right here there we go ok and this is where your card goes your SD or your SDHC card and here is your u mini USB plug to hook up to a PC alright so underneath right here rechargeable battery right here and you have your base connector right next to it and your tripod mount ok so I'm gonna go into all the different modes and show you how to work this kodak easyshare right now we are in smart mode ok and when you're in smart mode and you hit menu you'll see the only thing you can control is the picture size so the cameras gonna do all the work for you it's gonna pick the best most optimal settings to get a quality photos on here and you don't have to worry about a thing alright so let's get out of here and we're gonna go into a different mode now we are gonna go into P mode which stands for program mode now as you can see you have no control over the aperture or the shutter speed but you can control the exposure and you can control the ISO and the focus but that's it when you're a program mode ok let's go into manual mode M now when you're a manual mode you'll see that you do have control over the aperture and the shutter speed okay but you don't have control over the exposure but you do on the ISO and the focus alright next mode up panorama mode a panorama mode is pretty cool basically you take three shots from left to right and the camera will paste them together so it you know you find it more and more often on point two cameras not all of them have it it is a nice little feature to have now a couple other modes let's get to right here this is ISO mode this is ISO 6400 so if you're shooting somewhere that has low light definitely put it on the ISO high ISO mode scene mode okay we're in scene mode now scene mode is fantastic you have sixteen scenes to choose from everything from portraits outdoors fireworks 16 in total so definitely be adventurous get out of the auto mode and try something new ok last but not least we are gonna go into movie mode now like I said you can shoot high-def 720p movies on here you need a memory card okay you can't shoot them without the memory card but it's really easy just get an SD SDHC card and you can shoot high-def movies in 720p nice right and the overall design of this codec is really nice it's compact I would fit in your purse and it has a nice firm grip so you won't drop it and the image stabilization make sure that even if your hands shake the camera will compensate for the tiniest shake make sure that your images don't come out.

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