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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 8815 Grants

Instructions and Help about Will Form 8815 Grants

Hi, I'm Susie. Ever since I started doing videos, everyone has always requested me to do nails that are bitten short. Nails that are bitten short, so that's what I'm gonna do today on my friend Greg. His nails are disgusting, which is great for us, it's bad for him, but we're gonna get these babies all fixed up. Let's get started. So, with these nails, the first thing we want to do is push back the cuticles. We want as much nail as possible to be revealed to put the acrylic on so it can adhere. I call it nail estate. It's like real estate, right? But it's on the nail. So, oh my, look at these poor little things. Have you ever pushed these back? 19:19, oh yes, you okay? That's a start, okay. So, when you push them back, wow, I'm really, let me know if it hurts, below. That's the thing about cuticles, it doesn't tickle right? Oh my god, whose line is this? I'm so sorry. Well, look at all that excess cuticle there that we just really don't want on there. Honestly, if we put the product right on top of there without doing this, all this will lift around here. So we do want to remove as much of this as possible, but you can see look at all that dead cuticle. So we're gonna have to cut that all away. Ouch, if it hurts, just grin and bear it. I got a job to do. Okay, this one's not so bad. You must have chewed this away before you got here, yes, right? Does that hurt? Yeah, but frankly, it's okay, it's not, it's right, I can live with it. It's one thing, what? No, butters are usually really tough because they bite their...