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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 8815 Grants

Instructions and Help about Will Form 8815 Grants

Hi I'm Susie and ever since I started doing videos everyone's always requested me to do nails that are bitten short nails so that's what I'm gonna do today on my friend Greg his nails are disgusting which is great for us it's bad for him but we're gonna get these babies all fixed up let's get started so with these nails the first thing we want to do is push back the cuticles we want as much nail as possible to be revealed to put the acrylic on so it can adhere I call it nail estate it's like real estate right but it's on the nail so oh my look at these poor little things have you ever pushed these back 19:19 oh yes you okay that's a start okay so when you push them back wow I'm really let me know that if it hurts Ballu that's the thing about innovators it doesn't tickle right oh my god who's the line I'm so sorry well look at all that excess cuticle there that we just really don't want on there honestly if we put the product right on top of there without doing this all this will lift around here so we do want to remove as much as this as possible but you can see look at all that dead cuticle so we're gonna have to cut that all away ouch if it hurts just grin and bear it I got a job to do okay this one's not so bad you must have chewed this away before you got here yes right does that hurt yeah bit frankly it's okay it's not it's right I can live with it it's one thing what no butters are usually really tough because they bite their skin all the time on top is a little bit of a big that's appropriate word appropriate word tough other than I love that okay because all that I kiss is the way the one is really bad grant is this like a year writing thinker no I just I don't know that those ones generally have like the best males to fight like we're talking about male estate that test fit so you just go to town on that ever goes in a let's take my name so well biting nails is a sign of a perfectionist did you know that sounds about right here I've got some problem so it's just a little excess this time to really push these back is when you get another shower if you care you don't have I'm just gonna tell you right now not gonna do that but I admire I admire your your optimism here that's that's good thank you well at least you're honest okay so this is gonna be the best grad snails have ever looked not gonna listen bad now again it's only really optimum when you're trying to get as much nail the state as possible and that's what we're able to accomplish with that look at that there's a much more nail the more nail for the acrylic to hang on to the more likely they're going to hang on there's not too much to cut back on this one and you know what you're just cutting back the dead stuff you don't want to get too crazy and cut back too far cuticle is a very important part of our nail I've got a video on this actually check that out you want to totally get a preparation of the natural nail so once I've done this I'm now going to buff and prep the natural nail or the acrylic okay so now I'm going to buff the surface of grants now I'm going to put this drill on a really really low speed and I'm using the arbor band these rubber bands are really really really soft I'm going to buff the surface of his natural now see such Hills if you never have his dozen part I recruited grant because I knew he bit his nails and I knew he'd be perfect for this okay so that's all I'm doing is just gently buffing the surface of the natural nail you don't have a drill you can use a file about 150 180 180 grit probably better but you just want to buff every little bit of that natural nail don't go in and I'm missing a little bit of drill drill techniques don't go in on this angle but you want to go more of a flatter angle you don't want to dig in tip like that you want to go more flatter I will view both hands for you so you're not walking out of here with one hand no stiletto yeah that's right it might be a new look though no I like it I'm teaching students and stuff a lot of my students will go like this and wipe away don't do that actually you're taking the oils from your hand and putting it back onto the nail plate and we don't want to do that we want to keep it really very oil free okay tickle no I just didn't know that when you mention that I was just interesting I just didn't know that oh I don't agree I'm gonna you know oh I'm giving you free info here since ten out of ten day already yeah oh there's sparkles in here you don't mind sparkles did you okay now we're going to put the prep on I'm actually using a new line I found in Vegas it's Mac's Estrada's email couture line and it's not only adorably packaged but it's quite a nice line so I'm going to be using that today I'm just going to put the prep on gently and this is just for the pH balance and to remove any dust and to cleanse the nail so that's really an important step when.

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