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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 8815 Guarantees

Instructions and Help about Will Form 8815 Guarantees

Everybody Josh Erdman Early's pest control here we are standing in my bedroom this evening I actually sleep right here but in a few minutes we are going to take these guys here that are in this pan you can see these bedbugs in here there's approximately 50 of them and they're gonna bawl there but we're gonna take these bedbugs we're gonna place them in my bed where I sleep every night we're gonna allow them to settle pick a spot where they want to live for about 12 hours like I said I sleep right here so we're just gonna open this thing up we're gonna get them all down here towards the end and we're gonna get them in there some movement feel a little shaken up from being in the pan but we're gonna basically just cover them back up here and yeah we will see you guys in 12 hours I spent 12 hours since you last seen me put bedbugs in here but we have left of bedbugs in the bed overnight to prove that we're gonna introduce Curley who is the newest member of the Early's pest control team she specifically trained to alert on live bedbugs only so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna bring her in here to search when she alerts she's gonna sit down abruptly so that's how you'll know she's telling me that there's bedbugs there find your bugs check check-check where your books show me show me check good girl good girl curly yes so as you can see we came here on the bed she got into the corner and she sat down that's telling me that there's bugs there I asked her to throw it to me again she put her nose in the exact same spot but that what we're gonna do now is we are going to set up heat treat equipment in here and within 24 hours we're gonna prove to everybody that I can get rid of bedbugs all right so curly came in and alerted and part of it is to verify that there are actually bedbugs there so I brought her back out and put her away and I've come in and started to open this bed up where she alerted and you can see there's looks like three of them there we do have a big one back in the corner and then there are a couple that we're back here they've crawled back over the edge since I've opened it but yeah they are definitely on the bed obviously we showed you that yesterday when we did it but now what we're gonna do is we are going to heat treat it so you can see I've got a fan set up here I've got the heater right back here I've got another fan here but we're gonna cook them for 24 hours and then tomorrow we're gonna come back in and we'll do another inspection with curly and then I'll happily sleep on my bed because I know for a fact that there won't be any bedbugs in this room when we're done all right so here we are 24 hours later we have heat treated this room we had temperatures upwards of 140 141 degrees in here and everything will be dead so I'm gonna run curly quickly and she won't alert on anything so here we go find your bugs check check check girl right here check over here over here look girl so we've run her through there's obviously no bedbugs in here I'm going to go and put her away and then I'm gonna take a nap because I haven't had very much sleep the last two days so there we go yes good good good you.

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