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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 8815 Guidelines

Instructions and Help about Will Form 8815 Guidelines

Music and it looks like we're live hey everybody this is roberto blake of robertoblake.com helping you create something awesome today uh maybe not so much for some of you so we've got some new information in terms of YouTube updates first of all for those of you who are in the live chat welcome those you in the replay we're gonna kind of jump right into this YouTube has updated their monetization policy around channels and it's now moved from the 10k view threshold and we'll get into the details of that I'm also going to dispel some misinformation about this and some misinformation about YouTube in general that gets circulated it's very frustrating for me to happen to spend any time on debunking misinformation but it becomes important because we can't have misinformation on the community we can't have people just saying whatever they want without you know logic and reason and facts backing it up so we know we have to do something about that every now and again malevolent elephant thank you for the ten bucks in super chat thanks buddy hey bro heard the bad news my heart goes out to the small guys for sure love you man love you too bro thank you so much um there are a lot of people who have feelings about this some people have you know seen that I have my thoughts on this on Twitter which my short version of it is don't panic in general don't panic panic never really helps you if you have ever been a situation where things get tense or where you're emotional you realize that panicking is probably the last thing you should do it's never helpful it's never productive speaking of productivity if my energy seems a little low or a little off it's because well one thing it's 141 in the morning and I'm still packing for the move I'll be transitioning the entire office to Atlanta I'm still packing up the rest of the house and so that's what my week looks like and I get to look forward to snow while I'm doing it it's gonna be great just great um so that's fun but what I'm gonna do is and a lot of you you know you're talking about this in the chat I see you guys are very passionate first of all I think the important thing or the most important thing I can do for you guys in anybody watching the replay is literally read the new policy changes out loud then go back through it point for point and then address what this actually means and dispel some of the rumors and misinformation about why this is happening then give you some practical advice on what you should be doing about this and then offer some mindset and encouragement with about maybe two minutes of punching some of you in the mouth for for having the wrong attitude and that's how we're going to do it so that is going to be the format of this live stream this evening so with all of that said let's go ahead and as Phil Edie would say let's jump right into it right in the meantime by the way please do share the information I've also linked to YouTube's blog where they make the announcement and give the specifics in the description down below for you guys if you need it but so that link is there for those you looking for the changes but I'm literally getting ready to read that same blog out loud for you so it might actually be easier for you to listen to me read it out loud maybe and again before I jump into this I just wanted to reiterate a point that I made earlier in Twitter and then I'm gonna get right into this is this is not by itself because the logan paul thing because you have to understand a couple of things they tease this announcement last month actually but no one was paying attention and the other thing is I've suspected something like this would happen for a long time and I've hinted at and I've been pushing more of you to away from Adsense and go to either a product model or an affiliate model to help offset ad revenue because it makes you so much more money I specifically make more money doing that and I've been trying to get you guys to go that route the Logan Paul thing triggered the announcement being somewhat probably earlier or the way that they worded it because those of you who have YouTube Adsense and have been doing this for a while are familiar with what we refer to as the January slump where advertisers don't spend money in January and then it picks back up again in February December is great January usually sucks and then February is good and what you guys don't know I worked in advertising and part of it is you guys don't realize that ad budgets don't roll over year to year you have to spend everything before December 31st in your ad budget and then you have to go through meetings in the first month the first quarter to get approved for the new ad budget based on performance and then people make a decision usually halfway through toward the end of January and then advertisers know what they're going to spend for the the quarter or for the first six months or even for the year and so they get approval in their department on their new budget and then that's when ad revenue picks back up again so with regard to advertiser confidence they had to make an announcement maybe even sooner than they wanted to because people are making decisions around their ad budgets and so they want a good first quarter for YouTube as a company and also for the.

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