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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 8815 Imposed

Instructions and Help about Will Form 8815 Imposed

I kind of think about marriage in relation to settler colonialism and also category indigenous category of analysis and indigenous peoples in my own kind of perspective looking at settler colonialism in Hawaii there's been work that's been done on kinship systems in the continent in terms of indigenous peoples and how governments whether it's you know early Spain eventually Mexico what became the u.s. what became Canada really imposing different colonial norms on indigenous peoples an attacking kinship distinctions and different kinds of diversity and that included different norms around gender and sexuality what's wrong with marriage being the defining issue well I'll speak to that as someone who's completely opposed to marriage as a goal and for me it all goes back to property and it is it does go back to settler colonialism and I mean I think about British common law and its import in North America I think about the missionaries who went to Hawaii from Connecticut and Massachusetts and imposed heterosexual marriage as a norm and you know interfaced with what was then a new Hawaiian Kingdom that was founded in 1810 the missionaries got there in 1820 and proceeded to try and eradicate indigenous practices of polyandry polygamy same-sex sexuality they also of course found sibling chiefly incestuous relationships in the name of producing high-ranking offspring repugnant so they attacked that as well and I see marriage bound up with trying to forcibly subordinate Hawaiian women and issues of sexual autonomy for all people but especially Hawaiian women in relation to you know missionaries trying to teach a subservience to men in the name of marriage and what what was seen as a more civilized way to be and you know I'm writing about that on something you know how they saw these...