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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 8815 Individuals

Instructions and Help about Will Form 8815 Individuals

Music standing up out of nowhere in class and we have on khaki pants they can see us and everybody's like oh my god she has a spot on the back of her pants we fear that that I think that's every young girls fear while I continue with my life normally but I prefer to stay in home I don't like to hunger with my friend because I don't feel comfortable and I was so embarrassed so my sister took her coat off and I wrapped it around me and I just remember having to go into the bathroom being so humiliated because the reflect spots on my dress blood spots on my pants we would have to do a lot of sports at school and there was always that self-consciousness of oh my god am I going to have an accident lobbyist raghunatha the vickersontour Posada like a little fun not react it would leave a delay here in it and being a cheerleader in being in it such a string you sport and slipping tumbling and jumping up and down it's really uncomfortable really uncomfortable I never want any other woman to have to experience that any other young girl to have to experience that women around the world use sanitary napkins and tampons every day knowing little to nothing about the harmful and potentially dangerous materials used to manufacture them because of this millions of women are forced to suffer in silence in the United States the Food and Drug Administration does not require companies to list the ingredients contained in sanitary napkins and tampons yet the average woman uses more than 15,000 sanitary napkins or uses tampons for more than 100,000 hours over her lifetime you really don't know what's in it I mean I don't think any of us really know especially you know some of the new pads that maybe have a spongy type texture that's supposed to hold more well what exactly is that what's that made out of we don't know so then there's questions of how does that affect our health you know with things coming out that no baby powder and talc or dangerous and cause ovarian cancer what other things are we exposing are very sensitive areas to that could end up being a problem later on internationally it's even worse a recent report from UNICEF and the World Health Organization cites that at least 500 million girls and women globally lack adequate facilities for managing their periods in most schools girls have to trek to the nurse's office to ask for a pad or tampon as if menstruating is an illness rather than a natural function in some parts of the world girls simply drop out of school once they start menstruating the manufacturing process of these menstrual AIDS has been known to cause serious damage to the environment the toxic byproducts of producing tampons include poisons like dioxin and purer and in fact conventional sanitary pads can contain the equivalent of about 4 plastic bags synthetics and plastic restrict airflow and trap heat and dampness potentially promoting yeast and bacterial growth in a woman's vaginal area conventional sanitary pads can also contain other potentially hazardous ingredients such as odor neutralizer and fragrances how do tampons and pads get that ultra white clean look usually chlorine bleach which can also create toxic dioxin and other disinfection byproducts according to an EPA draft report dioxin is a serious public health threat that has no safe level of exposure to make matters worse tampons create a favorable environment for bacterial growth certainly there's a lot of plastic involved with paths of the issues with tampons and the history you have to be careful with toxic shock syndrome and stuff just because of what it's made out of is kind of a night s of bacteria that's not so good for patients micro-tears in a vaginal wall from tampons allow bacteria to accumulate when left too long one infamous risk is toxic shock syndrome or TSS caused by poisonous toxins from bacteria TSS is a life-threatening condition that affects women under 30 most while any woman using tampons can get TSS over 60% of TSS fatalities happen in women ages 15 to 24 for too long these facts have been conveniently swept under the rug while hundreds of millions of women suffer with no alternatives until now introducing cherished premium sanitary napkins by inspire cherished pads have been designed by women for women notice how skin cherish creamy and sanitary napkins are as compared to one of the leading eight-hour pads B's 8 and 10 our protection pads are bulky uncomfortable and can be embarrassing to carry around cherishes compact design promotes comfort and fits discreetly in your purse or backpack cherish premium sanitary napkins feature eight levels of comfort and protection the first layer is beautiful soft cut cotton is soft sanitary comfortable and does not have to be bleeped to be white its white naturally most top brands use synthetic petrochemical materials these petrochemical materials may irritate sensitive skin and cause discomfort also they do not let the skin breed which increases the risk of bacterial growth they are chosen by manufacturers because of their cheaper production cost the second layer is the all-natural negative ion strips negative ions are oxygen atoms charged with an extra electron they're created in nature by the effects of water air and sunlight that taste in the air and feeling you get at the beach near a waterfall or after a storm is your body being saturated in the benefit negative ions cherish creamy and sanitary napkins include negative ion technology which has been proven to balance pH and hormone levels helps protect against germs and bacteria helps to reduce inflammation fights against vaginal irritations and infections and reduces unwanted odor this wonder strip is also infused with far infrared ray technology that has been proven to improve your body's oxygen.

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