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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 8815 Insights

Instructions and Help about Will Form 8815 Insights

Look a Luger Kaluga is not yet to be finished you know there's still some millions of your 2:52 to finish so I don't think it's a question but has a concerned anyone because you will not cease at Yoga but we have to understand what is that yoga we have to understand what is Kaluga and what is dwama what it's raita this you guys are not rotating you know now you can say I used to be in cold yoga that's why all this things are happening you know it's not true Joe's mind which is centered in God we are in such yoga because God is alive for them the see God they perceive the divine if you are set for in a civil for a saint the same thing yes I meet him every day I talk with him every day and this is the effect of such where you can perceive the divine at all time you feel his love at all time now then you have the effect of Gorka Luke within deep Kaluga which is the crazy mind you know the suicide bombers and so on so on and then you have Drita and what while at the same time the and the Nestea for example in Dwarka yoke the time of krishna when they were pulling draupadi by her hair dragging her to the court you know what kind of act was that was it not an act of Kaliyuga so Calliope was also there so you see all the you guys rotate at the same time and now right now the you got what is going on it is dwell is different you guys together for the devotees the Gazette those who surrender to God it is a joke because I meet him every day the same the feeling they realize him for those which is searching still they will find it in blood for you Oh traitor you but you will find it here itself it's all in your level of consciousness do you see the you guys are all together and then the most important thing that you understand is in the scriptural wise in the external reality it is called but in the internal reality it is dwarfing that's why Babaji have said at this time in this stage but it is very important that why krishna have emphasized before there are in the last chapter said only bhakti you know there's nothing else without backing if like the yoke is the most important one but bhakti yoga is not that simple like I said you can say yes you surrender the mind doesn't mean that it is surrendering the bacteria practice when that mine have surrendered into the Lord it's not the yoga asana all these things these are all Maya there's only two well the divine one and there are no Maya you.

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