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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 8815 Institute

Instructions and Help about Will Form 8815 Institute

Metaphors why do the metaphors of mating and birth hibernation of migration appear unusual consider that the stone burial chamber found a mendota was never meant to be exposed this burial was sacred and secret the builders never expected it to be disturbed thus the builders who embrace the secret knowledge which clearly underpins the composition could express themselves in an unguarded manner they could modify a stone nest and add an egg between the bodies of the deceased Eagle clan without reservation birds are born from eggs in a nest souls of the deceased are born in the spirit world from the symbolic egg and a stone chamber the shape of a nest such observation are such observations a window into clan lodge secrets and I think this is as clear as I can get to them being sort of new to run guard ordering defended in the symbolic aspect of that burial there may be other things but I think that's what they intended here and Eagle clan the interpretation the turtle pointing to the descent of the moon and as long as dark is meant to connect those alive under the living son with the deceased ancestors living with the Sun and the underworld in the spirit world the meeting of the Eagles and the birth of the eagle at accents birth on this plane for the deceased ho-chunk and for the ho-chunk equal clan this is a confirmation of Mallove's contention that the ceremonies conducted at such sites are intended to balance the living with spirits of deceased then because of the equinox connection and the construction of the stone raved chamber as a modified nest the souls of the Seas members of the clan buried in grave would be born from the Stone Age to the symbolic egg and that's so we have burial mound the turtle pointing to the major stansted alone connected to the deer and the Eagles so the effigies in the Eastern Group connected by the equinox were constructed later adding a burial of foxes so it's pretty clear the clinical was built the effigies were built then the foxes were built in other words it's built from the West going to the east the Thunderbirds either in promit or is the dominant plant and complete their affirmation of the celebration of friendship of the Eagles and Fox by giving a buckskin offering in the form of their crest then the angle of Phi is present in the angle of long linear arms in the Western and Eastern Group so in the Eastern Group being gel's 48 degrees didn't quite get out to 51 mind you they groups gone and we're dealing with you know but did they intend that I think they did finally each group has an alignment with True North the fire relationship in the Western Eastern groups points the to North and the relationship with true north in the middle group is in coded form one stands at the cross section of the body and the wings of the great eagle in points to true north now up to the North Star drawing the line to the group of the angle with the body is 43 degrees which is the latitude of Madison so did they intend all that I think they did and it's peace on earth and goodwill the crows we can come to part 3 part 3 of this is a classification and I'm going to try to develop a new classification and just took to a lot more parameter to be considered than the ones from the old and I showed this earlier and I'm going to walk us across the top and then I'm going to walk us down the side the top has preman burial so before there were mounds there was just burials then there were clinical burials then there were clan effigies and then there was none my nephew jeez I believe that is the evolution of this and they replaced first of all randomly willy-nilly but then they replaced on sacred ground then they used the topography to accent aspects then they connected them to the heavens seasonal time then they got metaphors and then they added sacred geometry I think 15 is a progression and the steps one at a time where different initiators added in more alright so the horizontal and the vertical I've described that if the movement is really from archaeology the archeoastronomy we're going to go from the ground sacred ground sacred geometry which is ultimately going to connect with the heavens now the Jesuits observed the ceremony of a bone bundle so this is pre mound burial and I've been at this site because it's over in Ontario and I was quite familiar with it before I came over to Wisconsin but essentially after a corpse was d flash and the bones were bundled these are the long bones not the skull they were tied together and then every 48 years depending on the nation they were buried in a large pit and they describe this ceremony lasted four days where hundreds of bone bundles were all interred at the same time and and it's interesting the ribs were part of this and just for Christians you know female is born out of the meal rip I mean it's just part of the metaphor so to remind us that there were burial types skeletons extended flexbone bundles and cremations then we got clinical mounts so the bone pit burials which were this common way started to give way to actual graves in Ashley they had wooden tops and then the wooden tops gave way to earth tops and then stone chambers inside rad is quite clear on this and there's another fellow by the name of Hall that's written the archaeology of the soul he describes these evolution quite clearly a grave contain a lot of bodies or just a few.

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