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Instructions and Help about Will Form 8815 Int

Music when states disagree on where their border is when states contest islands or a maritime zone when one state considers that another has violated a treaty or other rule of international law and when the UN or one of its agencies needs an opinion on a legal issue they can turn to the International Court of Justice Music the International Court of Justice or ICJ has its seat in the Netherlands at the peace palace in the hague like the General Assembly and the Security Council the court is what's known as a principle organ of the United Nations and is the only one not to have its seat in New York the ICJ is the principle judicial organ of the UN and the world's highest international court the court has existed since 1946 it's two official languages are English and French its founding document the statute is an integral part of the charter of the United Nations forgives us for all UN member states therefore automatically recognize the existence of the court and can call on its services the ICJ is the successor of another court created in 1922 by the League of Nations the permanent Court of international justice between 1922 and 1940 the permanent court handled around 60 cases it was dissolved after the Second World War the ICJ succeeded the permanent Court on the 18th of April 1946 inheriting not only its statute but also its jurisprudence and traditions like its predecessor the International Court of Justice has two roles the first is to decide disputes between states these are known as contentious cases the code second role is to respond to legal questions submitted to it by the General Assembly the Security Council and other UN organs or agencies these cases are known as...