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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 8815 Intuit

Instructions and Help about Will Form 8815 Intuit

And in Georgia you givemea a very friendly experience or a very comfortable way they welcomed everyone on board and they should show this around the campus and then all that people whom I talked to interacted to are all of my age group which may be more comfortable as given a magnet with all the software installed in it that is a good thing they asked me where do you want to work they gave me a choice actually I really felt good about that usually people will be put somewhere in something but actually into does not like that there were they asked me for my interest do you want to work in mobile or web development so it was my choice I went to mobility so I'm currently working on some malware application my best man he identified with the team outings we had this trip to the NGO Russia show Monday they'll be really hot spend too early or some time with the kids and it was really good I went the places I've never been to before so we went to play arena which is you know a fun place and we played paintball laser tag which are very steam focused at the same time they have fun one of my best memories again - it will be outside the day I joined I had this small meeting with my manager the first time I met her so and she's enduring a very small meeting she told me that she would be happy to learn things from him I was like very very much surprised I thought I was here to learn and she told me that we are looking forward to learn from I'd say opportunity for growth exposure to newer technologies and work-life balance first one to learn a lot learning from the leaders the next would be developing the ability to deliver awesome and the last one but not the least - you know providing a platform to my own ideas to make it make an everything back my expectations from employers having a good work-life balance and it's giving me more than what I expected I think you've time in a position to positively contribute to my team and keep my goals in sync with the team goals this is actually very very surprising to me at suppressing to everyone if I tell that I am very much valued even though I'm software engineer won at Intuit every idea of mind is carefully considered thought through and right from architect level even to sometimes to director level they come guide me say where I am going wrong where I should align myself so the project was successful that's not my main project that it's my UT project imagine the importance they give to each and every individual that's that's one of the best things which I love it into it so the best thing about into its culture that I have found is the people here and the environment and the work culture that they have created I mean you do not feel like you are working for someone you are working under some pressure or everyone is so so approachable so him well and so willing to help I'd say a people in the world is is best and it's because the people I have to work with and they're like the vespa dragnet and the fellow using inter systems going on in your clip so I love policy and that's why things are bestest you can work from home come to office anytime you want and even if you want to stay late there's everything available for right from your food to it to exercise everything is there so if you want to steal it it's perfectly fine in dude is one of the best companies known for its innovation and the way it encourages innovation every day when I first joined I heard that there are many ideas around lying you know where they focus on innovation every day but I actually got to see how much from boots of management side and also engineers around I always encourage you to work on your projects but apart from work you get 10% of your time to work on the ideas which you really like and I would say seriously in this nine months I myself have created around 15 new projects out of my work that is a big thing at Intuit endured helps you to innovate to a great extent there is something known as unstructured time it's like the pine for you you can do whatever you want and follow your passion basically the mentor will actually give you a problem statement and you can oscillate equations so it's your wish you can move it in whatever way you want you can put your parts in your application and make it work I would seriously encourage that all of you guys should join into it without any second thoughts so it's a great place to work and give place to be.

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