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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 8815 Links

Instructions and Help about Will Form 8815 Links

Music yeah I'm bright P you're watching bad C Tech and today I've got a little announcement for the channel so if you're watching this video at release we're coming up quickly on 30,000 subs for the channel and thanks to the recent 60% keyboard wave and a little giveaway I got going on the channel has grown like crazy over the past 30 days and it's really starting to feel like a little community so the past few days I'm thinking of myself how do we take that feeling and run with it I mean sure I could always show thanks by doing a bunch of giveaways and I definitely have some killer stuff planned as far as that goes but I want to do something more so I figured there's a lot of cool setups out there and I figure people really like checking out other people's really cool setups but the problem with that is that that whole set up room Wars battle thing has just been done to death how do we elevate that how do we build a community around that so here's what I came up with every week every single review video I'm gonna insert a little segment towards the end of the video that I'm calling set up flex this is 30 seconds for you to show off your room your desk you set up your PC your peripherals one of the hardest parts about being an aspiring creator and starting on a platform is getting visibility when you're new or when your numbers are still small are you an aspiring streamer youtuber designer editor artists do make banners emotes montages custom handmade key caps maybe you're just a really passionate gamer that likes to architect a super-clean set up and share that with other enthusiasts this is your chance to get eyes on what you bring to the community this is your chance to check out content from other creators that you may never have discovered this is your chance to connect and network with other viewers who may turn into potential followers subs or even clients for you in the future so as bad seed tech continues to grow so does the visibility for other aspiring creators I always say I want to see everybody winning out here this is my chance to put my money where my mouth is every single time I release a video you want to get on board here's what I need from you I need some high-res super clean quality photos of your setup you could submit video if you want to but just remember the goal here is to showcase your setup you need to give me specs all your social links a little blurb about you games you're playing right now your twitch schedule I need details I don't need talking head footage I don't need voiceovers feel free to include some kill montages if you want to if selected your submission will receive a voiceover for me all your social links flashed on the screen as well as linked in the description for the video and you can send all that to set up flex at bad seed techcom I have contacted and selected three viewers already to help get the ball rolling for the next few videos I'll select one set up to be featured in each video as long as it meets all the above criteria now don't blow up my email asking when you're gonna get featured and don't try to slide in my DMS with some sob story about why you should be next up and do not offer to pay me or get me something in trade to get featured don't get me wrong I like your hustle but it's not gonna work and that's it 2022 we are all winning out here thanks again so much for the support let's go build something awesome and that's it for this time I'm bright Pete thanks so much for watching don't forget to hit that like button hit that sub button and until next time stay up Music.

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