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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 8815 Losses

Instructions and Help about Will Form 8815 Losses

Music can you turn that down please it's highly requested from all of you guys thank you so much for thirty-five thousand subscribers then I'm kinda nervous right now sitting in front of you guys stepdaughter she's a witch - the witch okay Python is welcome back to my cannot in today's video I am going to be showing you guys my apple cider vinegar recipe apparently a lot of you guys did not understand what I was putting together and all my videos my weight loss videos and it kind of sat in my heart out people don't find you like most of you guys finding helpful but some people also didn't find it helpful so they always like ask me like they don't understand spice that I put together they don't understand how I mix it and you kind of like it's not in my heart so anyway today I'm gonna be showing you guys one by one the rate different apple cider vinegar weightless so I am gonna be showing you like I said one by one but I'm going to be showing you guys and this is going to be beginning from me and if you're trying to lose weight or Gilbert is there are you trying to lose the last part of your weight loss like it's really hard when it comes to like your last part of with us I find it so difficult when I was you know during my weight loss but I'm going to be showing you guys this recipes are really effective I'm not gonna lie to you they're extremely powerful if you're ready to lose weight if you make up your mind to lose weight you're gonna start to get and you're gonna lose it by next but not everything I don't know how heavy you are but like you just have to be determined because this spice is an apple cider and the mixture they are not fun tasting tasting is very horrible right very bad very disgusting but I guarantee that all of that hard work and not going to go in the garbage like you are gonna be so grateful you're gonna come back here as always and say thank you to me so anyways I am gonna be taking my time today because I feel but I like I mean my mission here on YouTube is to like help people as we tell you when it comes to weight loss if you guys follow me for long enough when I started I was extremely over waited around my belly I did not like how I look but now I feel so sexy I look sex not only feel sexy I look beautiful you know I'm so comfortable in my body compared to how I used to be before so um that's the reason why I'm here I'm here to help you guys I'm here to share my recipe for all of you guys and I hope you guys find it so helpful as always you guys always find but for those of you guys that did not understand my weight loss videos you guys you understand how I make say that you guys kept saying I kept confusing most of you guys so I am NOT gonna be confusing anymore so all my mixtures are like divided into three some time be showing you guys each one and how I track them if that meets it so yeah so that's what I needed to put out because I don't want to begin there like I'm confusing a lot of you guys right no like my drink when I started I started really hard I'm really hard on myself because I did up to lose it in between I found some powerful spices that I I said I use it in my apple cider and those spices were like the best Isis you can ever use for weight loss you guys know that you guys already tried it and always you guys always come back to tell me thank you and so and then the last part of the last part was the flaxseed oil you guys were so much like most of us were so Madhavi you're confusing and you start with a crusader in spicy night black blacks at all so I'm gonna be explaining why even though I explained in my videos why I was easily practical I was usually because I needed to lose the extra pie that I was carrying that I didn t I needed to go that far so I was salivating that itself was not working so I used too powerful recipe together so any walk from me so if there was nothing really confusing in that just that like I was trying start to like you know it's like lose my way if that makes sense anyways I'm so I'm going to show you guys different three different type of recipe that mixture diversity different recipe mixtures that you can use to lose weight so it's like three it's divided into the replaces or beginner beginner friendly and if you're ready turn your weight loss you can always use the one I'm gonna show you the second and the last one is like this stuff at time that is not what I feel like the end of weight loss is like the worst time that you can like your body's already used to like all the ingredient so it's very hard to like lose the weight so I am going to show you what you can do to actually wash it down let me be jumping into that recipe you have a subscribe it's time to subscribe right now I really appreciate all your love and subscribe you subscription I can so it's quick tion I love and subscription I cannot I can never push that one out of my pockets we're sort of like anyways.

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