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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 8815 Modified

Instructions and Help about Will Form 8815 Modified

I think I need a wide view lens on this camera this is as far as I can hold it out ah and this is Loula or either maybe I can get a smaller head I can get head replacement surgery I don't think that's really expensive I think they have discounts on that right now anyway I decided that today before I left work I would introduce you to what I do if you haven't already seen or no this is kind of a little tour of our shop so what it is is I'm a small business owner I own a a print shop essentially we do a lot of customized products like you know t-shirts and promotional products you know water bottles I mean the list goes on banner signs anything that helps you promote your business we also do graphic design I do my own web design but I don't really do it as a job right now there's just too many other things that we do and I can't handle all of it so anyway this is our shop so let me show you around really quick I'll turn the camera around and this is our main entrance as you can see behind me here this is the door that you come in yeah so when you come in this is our little showroom there's lots of different clothing to see this kind of gives you an example of stuff that you can have customized you know stuff that we've done screen printing there's also embroidery a lot of this stuff and designs we did here so this is kind of a look at the little showroom area not much to see unless you are like are really into this kind of stuff then you're like this is the best video ever of all times so promotional products blah blah blah stuff like that so anyway so you know down the hall and there's where the candy machine probably the most important part of what we do here is eat candy as you can see you know what's funny is that was full when that was brought in but I have not actually bought any candy from this machine I don't like candy that much anyway so here's a banner that we've done for the city of Poway so we've entered the I guess like the break room I don't know it's kind of in the middle of everything so it's kind of weird as a break room but it's a little space there's a couple bathrooms too then I didn't show you but I think you've all seen a bathroom and if you haven't then I'm surprising I own a computer this is my office turn the lights on here well my office my little setup we've got a fish tank I turn on the lights off in here because I was leaving but then I changed my mind decide to make a video and this is our other area of the office it's my business partners desk and this is one of our employees who does like customer service and answers the phone and stuff like that so that's kind of what this area is all about the business east side and then as you move on over here through this door you get to see the shop ooh that's a big machine this is the shop area this is where all the printing goes on this was recently all cleaned up so this is kind of nice it's all organized and yeah so these are inks we use these inks to print onto any material type stuff we use screens like these these are screens those screens are placed onto this press or our manual press this is an automatic press and what this does is it automatically rotates and these these are squeegees what they are they'll come up and they'll drop down and the print you know come back up and drop down print and whatever is in the screen transfers onto the t-shirt so and then this is a big carousel that goes around automatically and it's all controlled on the main controller and then after the shirts are printed they're run through this conveyer draw err and looks like this sides down I don't know what he was doing but probably something and this is our little manual press essentially the same thing just not automatic it's all hand done you pull the screen down you print it you turn it by yourself all that kind of stuff so that's kind of a look at the shop and what we do here we also have a screen room that's just like a dark red room I can show it to you I guess if you have to see keep begging them this will show it to you now I got to walk over here and turn the lights on god this is a screen room it goes red because there's blood all over the walls no I know there's not the lights are red and that helps the photosensitive chemical on the screens to not expose because we have to expose it to light and that's what this big old machine is it's a vacuum powered type machine I get Helen that was a weird way to describe it you let your screen on there there's lots of light once you drop the top here that I just opened up you place your screen on there with the film that you're exposing you drop it you turn the vacuum on every well there gets sucked out the light turns on long story short the screen is exposed then you can make your shirts I don't really want to get into the whole process of how it's done but anyway so that's a look at what we do here I hope you enjoyed that the company's called breakout.

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