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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 8815 Monthly

Instructions and Help about Will Form 8815 Monthly

I've been sewing since I was 8 years old and I've had people asking me for years did you make your clothes did you make your dress did you make your shirt and I always have to tell them no I didn't I almost never make my own clothes the reasons I rarely make my own clothes are because it's just it's not that cost-effective you're paying as much in materials as you would for a shirt that you could buy from H&M or Target it's time consuming and if it doesn't turn out right then you've just wasted both your time and your money and I've always had a problem more than that I've had a problem with being with lacking self-confidence so I finished something and I wear it and I just don't feel like it is good enough or that it looks normal enough and I end up disappointed and discouraged and it's even longer before I try and make my own clothes again but I realized I've come to realize that there are ways in which making your own clothes can be a definitely superior um you can use high quality fabrics you can use the best construction techniques which the stores won't do they will always give you the cheaper fabric and the cheaper construction method you can tailor it to fit you perfectly you can customize it so you know if it fits a skirt that you want in the store but it's just barely too short or you're like I love that top but I hate the stupid trendy bell sleeves I wish it didn't have that you can completely customize what you make and I've also come to realize it can be cost-effective it will never be cheaper to make your own clothes than it would be to shop at Target or on Amazon but if you start looking at good-quality clothes that are gonna last you and come from good companies with good materials if you look at a dress that costs 40 dollars online it's not really worth making because you're gonna pay close to that in materials in most cases plus all of your time you might as well just you might as well just buy it at that point but if you start looking at the brands and you start looking at more quality designer clothing and you start looking at $200 dresses and if you're me you're like that's a beautiful dress and I love it but I am not paying $200 for a dress so if you stir if you start looking at it that way making your own clothes can be extremely cost-effective because you're getting you're getting a hundred percent customized tailored to fit you perfectly out for just the cost of materials so I recently had an idea I've struggled with I've struggled with making small projects it's kind of hard to it's kind of hard to describe but I like to tackle very intricate detailed time-consuming projects but I've kind of since I self-taught I've kind of skipped over a lot of the the basic quality elements like making mock-ups and fitting and using interfacing and how to put in linings correctly and the consequence of this is that I have many times made a very elaborate project with a lot of embroidery or beading on it and then when it comes to actually putting the dress together I don't do it right and it'll turn out it'll turn out far worse than it could have if I had focused a bit more on the basics so I've set a challenge for myself and to try and keep myself accountable and actually make myself complete it I am submitting it to you the Internet to your tender mercies and judgment and criticism and I'm going to attempt to make during the month of September today's September first I'm going to attempt to make an entire capsule wardrobe from scratch because a design capsule wardrobes on Pinterest before and the problem with it is is you get everything laid out and all perfect and you have your tops and your jeans and you've got the color coordination and then you're like great where do I buy all of this and the answer is because it's Pinterest you usually can't it's usually long sold out or was never available in the first place and so you start looking for substitutions and eventually you maybe find three or four and you go ahead and buy them and then you give up or you lose interest or your or you don't want to spend any more money and so the capsule wardrobe at least for me has never worked out because I have never been able to do it all at once so the idea with this is I want to design an entire capsule wardrobe there's no limitations as far as finding things that are the right colors and that work together because I can just make them so I want to design 15 pieces and attempt to make 15 pieces in 30 days that is a piece every other day that is probably not possible but there are stakes in this for me because after I attempt to make them in 30 days I'm going to wear only clothes that I made myself for the next 30 days for the month of October and if I if I don't finish and if I give up or if I do a crappy job on some of them I'm just gonna have to put up with it and just wear them because that is that is the stakes that I'm setting for myself so if I can't figure out how to make blue jeans I'm just not going to be a lor blue jeans for a month and I think that this is going to be a great learning experience so the point of making.

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