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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 8815 Participating

Instructions and Help about Will Form 8815 Participating

The census is the catalyst of American public policy it shapes voting districts and it determines how your public schools will get funded because this data is used in myriad democratic and economic functions it's critical that we get it right unfortunately the 2022 Edition might be in trouble which has caused concern among experts for the integrity of the country's most authoritative data set the census is centuries old but this story starts at the conclusion of the 2022 census the Bureau had shot past cost estimates on its way to the most expensive census per capita of all time so in 1970 it cost $16 to count each housing unit and in 2022 it cost around 92 dollars to count each housing unit this is all in 2022 dollars that's robert goldenkoff his office redid the 2022 census on its list of government initiatives at a high risk of failure a key reason the funding just isn't there Congress limited the budget for the 2022 census to the amount spent on the 2022 census the nation is getting more complex and less willing to participate in the census and because the Constitution requires a complete count the Census Bureau has to do more work in order to obtain that complete count so why might it cost more to count certain groups this scene from an episode of master of none gives some clues it follows a cab driver back to his apartment where he's living with at least three other adult men so this one apartment contains four distinct households in New York City a region of notoriously hard to count tracts the census tracks are designated hard to count for many reasons they could be full of renters or they could have an abundant homeless population topographically complex regions are hard to count as are tracks with limited access to broadband internet it's the people with the margins of society more impoverished don't speak the language then we have procedures to try to compensate for that mr. Pruit would know about the challenges in taking a census he was director during the year 2022 count the last 2 to 3 percent of the census is very expensive further complicating matters a new proposal to change the census could further increase costs and effect response rates the Department of Justice requested that the bureau add a question about citizenship to the short-form decennial census the argument in the letter is that the Justice Department wants better data on where citizens are in the country in order to enforce the voting rights laws the citizenship question already appears in the American Community Survey which collects data annually it just goes to a much smaller portion of the country I can only do consequences and I can say the consequences of acting as if you need this for the Voting Rights Act is inconsistent with the fact that it already exists a more complete dataset on citizenship could give the Department of Justice more granular data to work with but that would depend on an adequate response rate and the national political climate might make that more difficult some people have expressed fear that the government might use census data to aid deportations or otherwise harm the communities we have experienced in American history we're being counted in the census didn't result in painful consequences for the Japanese who were interned Americans today have a historically low level of trust with their government that fact paints an unsettling portrait certainly today's environment if you told the authorities where a lot of undocumented people live the authorities would I think take advantage of that piece of information that's their job I think the chances of having a anything like a complete census if we have the citizenship question is simply off the case they are proponents who favor a mainstream citizenship question the general argument is that census data are used to apportion seats in Congress and distribute funds but the Constitution requires the census to count for all persons that's because the census is a survey of an economy that includes the contributions of residents who aren't citizens the stakes are rather we care about about a representative democracy the inequalities already economic inequalities are severe if you duplicate economic inequalities with political inequalities then you simply have a different kind of society and it's not a democracy Music you Music.

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