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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 8815 Representation

Instructions and Help about Will Form 8815 Representation

Hydrogen bonding can be confusing, so let's discuss some common mistakes and clarify the concept. Hydrogen bonds are intermolecular bonds that form between different molecules. It is important to underline that the bond occurs between two different molecules. Let's examine hydrogen bonds in ethanol molecules. Ethanol is an alcohol, and if we zoom in, we would see molecules in different orientations. We need to identify where the hydrogen bonds occur. As mentioned before, hydrogen bonds form between molecules, so any bond within a single molecule cannot be a hydrogen bond. Therefore, the CH bond and the CC bond within ethanol cannot be hydrogen bonds. It is crucial to remember that for a bond to be a hydrogen bond, it must occur between different molecules. In hydrogen bonding, an H connected to N forms a bond with an O on another molecule. This results in a hydrogen bond. Some individuals make the mistake of assuming that any H can form a hydrogen bond, even if it is connected to a C. This is incorrect. Only an H connected to an O can form a hydrogen bond with another O. Additionally, it is incorrect to connect an H connected to a C with an O to form a hydrogen bond. The correct way is to have an H connected to an O forming a bond with an O on another molecule. Now that we know how to identify and draw hydrogen bonds, let's discuss how they form. Consider two ethanol molecules forming a hydrogen bond. They bond through the O atom. The H atoms in ethanol are connected by a covalent bond, with the oxygen hogging the electrons due to its higher electronegativity. This creates a slight negative charge on the oxygen (indicated by Δ-), and a slight positive charge on the...