Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 8815 Retail

Instructions and Help about Will Form 8815 Retail

Alright welcome back to type school 10 this is the first video in a long time but I've had a lot of stuff between stuff and surgery non kinds of stuff so I haven't had time to make videos but it's Christmas Day and I just got to over my stuff and as you can clearly see one of my first things is my latest i forget how much it was and all that but you can find it on evite com and it has a lot of neat features it covered he comes with a inform mag holders and you got Molly in the back you get a place to put a camelbak so it's pretty cool then I got me a new gun I'll do a review on this gun later like a three magazines Florida and pay into that box safety off my box right here all right let stuff I got get me some nice cool awesome tactical gloves I got me this awesome watch which I'll also do a review 182 say luminox watch and it's just pretty cool what else is new got me like five eighth and speed loaders trust me they break all the time sunglasses sunglasses are new too they are actually a camera so I can actually start recording some of the games we have from first person view what uh-oh how about how can I forget my baby oh I got something new on her too right here what is that it's a fucking laser pointer that's what it is Bowie yeah motherfucker but wait there's more I also got this is kind of a kiddie toy but it's really cool I got the this spy watch basically and the successor you come with it then I from pocket here what is this you ask what's that look like it looks like a camera yeah you know what this is it's a snake cam so now I can peer over around corners and over heels without having to endanger myself plug it in turn it on dude bring a camera over here I have to go free hand for a second freehand it so now I can look around corners see exactly what's there there's a door there turn to the other way is a hallway no one's down there and then I can go out be safe so that's what that is sampler pack of bb's and it goes every it goes from 20 goes 20 23 25 28 30s and 40s on evite com what else did I get it um that's pretty much it uh oh yeah I got pissed off this yes yeah I got me a Harris bipod don't buy one it broke was in like five minutes pissed me off this thing is really cool too yeah I don't buy that some other stuff I got cuz I got some more of them sniper bills so I gonna make me some more camouflage accessories I'll make videos on there too and then we got something new it's called camo form I think basically what it is is that's if you've given blood you know what I'm talking about it's that kind of stuff they like put on your arm wrap around you but what's really cool about this stuff is it doesn't need tape it doesn't eat glue because it sticks to itself is what so that's that's really cool and it's machine washable too so that's one more camouflage my gun in now but out of that I got no other new toys other than what I showed you but yeah once again I apologize for not making any videos in a long time there's just a lot been going on but now I'll be making videos pretty much every other week so you're looking for my new videos rate comment subscribe and we'll see you next time on sniper school 101.