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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 8815 Spouse

Instructions and Help about Will Form 8815 Spouse

Music meet mark he's a US citizen during one of his trips abroad he met and fell in love with Kate after dating long distance for a year mark returned to Kate and proposed they spent some time together and then he went back to the u.s. to quickly begin the process of sponsoring her there are three main phases in this process the first phase is getting through the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services or USCIS in order to do this mark needs to first complete all the required forms which can be found on USCIS gov then he needs to gather all the supporting documents that are listed in the instructions of each form but you should always consult an immigration attorney since you may need to pradditional documents based on your particular situation 1 tsmart completes all the forms and puts together all the required documents he mails the package with the filing fee to USCIS depending on which state Mark lives in he will mail the package to either the USCIS Phoenix lockbox or the Chicago lockbox USCIS can take up to six months to issue a decision once mark receives the approval notice in the mail phase one is complete the second phase is getting through the National Visa Center for NVC once USCIS approves a case they send the information to NBC NVC then assigns you a case number and Mail's you a letter with the instructions on how to proceed it takes a few weeks for NBC to send out this letter when mark receives the sutter the second phase begins following the instructions on the letter mark signs into his account pays the immigrant visa fees and later completes the application after doing all of this online he gathers the supporting documents NBC also requests it in their letter most of these documents will be the same documents that mark submitted to USCIS he then mails these documents to the address provided NPC can take three to four months to process everything and then forward it to the US Embassy in the country where Kate lives this completes phase two the third phase is getting through the u.s. embassy abroad once the embassy has everything it needs kate will receive an interview notice before going to the interview she'll have to undergo a medical exam at the interview Kate will present the original copies of all the documents submitted to NBC she'll answer any questions the officer may have if it all goes well Kate will be issued an immigrant visa which will be valid for six months now she can immigrate to the US and reunite with mark and live happily ever after PS she'll get her green card in the mail approximately three weeks after she enters the country Music.

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