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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 8815 Verification

Instructions and Help about Will Form 8815 Verification

Hi everyone welcome to elastic enya today we are going to learn about EPF pan verification failed error while linking pan number with PF v n number in union member portal there are so many EPF members they are not able to link their pan number with PF u a number even if they have same name in PF u n portal and and pankot also they are not able to link their pan number with PFA number c till know if employee pradhan phone organization has not provided any solution to solve this issue here we are going to watch how employees are getting this error and what they have to do when this error occurs due to the difference in name in both in PF portal and pan column to link pan number with PF e a number good UN member portal and click on member home no knowing UN member portal login with your EIN number and a password now enter the CAPTCHA after entering the details click on sign in here in right side you can find your name this is the name it was mentioned in your P of porter if they named the first in your name on pankot then you will get this error here in order to link your pun with mu nu a number click on KBC under main is no click on pan before entering the name we have to check how our name is present in income tax department to do that good to know your search for know your en and click on know your pan income tax here enter your details like your surname you know there is no middle M so I will enter first name and status as individual and select the gender now enter your date of birth no enter your mobile number after entering your mobile number click on submit no way one-time password will be sent your mobile number once you get that one time password enter that one time password here after entering it click on validate now you can find your name as per income tax department CA firstly - animal a corrupt so I will enter a number and name here I'm entering the name as it is present in PF portal so after clicking on su see here I got the error that pan verification field name against en does not match with the name in income tax department here what we have done the mistake was in pan cordially surname was mentioned in second place so now we will we have to enter his name as per as it is mentioned on pankot no way will enter again again enter his pan number and and I have entered his name as poppin corn scene no also I will get the same error this is the problem there are so many members are getting so if you are if you are also one of that member so don't worry till no employee protein fan organization has not provided any solution once we get the solution then we will update here this is also not a big problem having first name and first place and surname in second place but here we don't have any choice if you want to correct it then you have to submit EPM joint declaration form if you want to claim your pfm mode then you need to submit one code copy along with PF claim pumps but remember tax will be deducted when you are going to claim 50 thousand or more than fifty thousand rupees in less than five years of service otherwise there is no need to link your phone number also and no tax will be deducted from your PF amount when you submit your PF claim forms thank you if you like this video please share and subscribe to Raj take India.

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