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Instructions and Help about Will Form 8815 Wages

This year striking restaurant workers brought their low wages to the nation's attention but what many Americans don't know is that low-wage workers are often being cheated out of what little they do make I said are you kidding me I said you were telling me that these people allowed to treat people like this and they call it wage theft and the restaurant industry is one of the worst offenders every year it amounts to billions of dollars taken from the paychecks of the very lowest earners I don't want anything extra I'm willing to give more than enough I'm willing to give 125 percent just to be able to get a level playing field this week on fault lines we look at what it means to have a job when getting paid what you're owed is not guaranteed I mean what point does it stop speaking for us all's got his feet odds on his feet for us the u.s. is now a low-wage economy tens of millions of people in America are currently working low paid jobs many of them are based here in Florida in this state one out of every 10 jobs is in a restaurant we've come here to investigate what recourse workers have when they don't get the wages they earned in the center of Miami Beach David's cafe is a popular Cuban restaurant for many years its owners operated a twin restaurant called David's cafe - just a mile away in 2022 David's cafe - closed down there was a problem or than 20 of its employees said that they were owed a combined seventy four thousand dollars in unpaid wages if they if the tequila in ten thick over there muchas veces Evelio de Silva worked at David's cafe - he says the paychecks from the owner Adrian Gonzales started bouncing about a year before the restaurant closed owner from Tony Fernandez worked David's cafe for 14 years hey sang-hun delito que la polic a que la la polic a que la polic a y la polic a he said okay you look worse and alle the workers went to the federal Department of Labor months later they each received a letter acknowledging that they were owed money but saying that the department would take no further action and providing a phone number to find a private attorney it's supposed to be Labor Department departamento knows for employees but they say sorry I can do nothing caleb individual city one like a rose when you aut new job the book another ending you tell you when a castle a concert of a supervillain are ending in a parallel Taha or a they couldn't turn to the State Department of Labor Florida doesn't have one but as of 2022 Dade County has a monthly wage theft hearing to settle pay disputes between workers and employers the hearings taking place on the sixth floor of this building it only happens once a month and for many low paid workers in this part of Florida is the only chance they'll get of having their complaints of wage theft actually hurt like the people here today the workers from David's cafe came to present their case the owner of David's cafe didn't show up in absentia makes the hearing officer ordered him to pay the workers three times what he owed each employee that you are in fact entitled to the 71 hours that you're alleging I am satisfied that you have demonstrated your burden of proof but Adrian Gonzalez still refused to pay zero Soto novio assimil la ville Acadia no do ESO no tato Melissa momentum Al's reenact Arabic allocatable papel en la cara de nosotros in mukachevo chickens onus is not alone over the last three years out of nearly nine thousand sit-down restaurants inspected by the Federal Department of Labor an astonishing 84 percent were found to have violated wage laws a no Paganini problema no para say yo yo tambien para ser un negocio contrato personal nope ah go yasya go goo negocio CK maravilla if you obey the law as a businessperson you're at a disadvantage because there are so many people who don't obey the law we've had workers contact us for violations of minimum wage laws overtime laws Juan Carlos is a waiter who organizes an informal network of restaurant workers to fight for unpaid wages and the employers have the upper hand out here they can steal from you as a worker and face very little of any consequences Juan helped the former David's cafe workers organize their protests so at the same time that were involved in this pitched battle against David's cafe we hear in the news that a few workers at Cafe ver side the Miami International Airport were arrested for stealing from the employer earlier today seven women were arrested and tonight they're being questioned by police team 6 reporter Willard Shepard has been staking out the airport all night these women are still being questioned here they have been questioned throughout the evening about exactly how they came up with this plan and exactly how they executed it these workers were handcuffed their mugshots was flashed all over the media they were portrayed as menaces to society later tonight they'll be transported downtown to the County Jail the authorities are very quick to act when it's one of us a poor person or working person who's committed a crime that affects the interests of the employers but when the the reverse is true when the employer steeled tens of thousands of dollars from workers there's no one there to enforce the law and so you will earn less than the minimum wage you will get robbed of your tips you will get robbed of your overtime pay you won't receive I'll pay for all of the hours work for example people have no idea what it is like to work.

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