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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 8815 Worksheet

Instructions and Help about Will Form 8815 Worksheet

Let's learn how to make a form using a spreadsheet what we'll do is make a form that you can take home first you'll print it out then you'll take out home and then you'll fill it out with information about different books that you have a home movies and all sorts of other media like video games or computer games or computer programs that you have at home let's use Microsoft Excel to create this form find Microsoft Excel and then launch it first let's save your file go ahead and click on the Save button just here and then let's save it into your computer's folder you should have a computers folder if you're in eighth grade use your computers 8 folder I don't have one solvent me and make a new folder Computers 8 and then the name of this file is going to be just a standard file name so start with the year and then the month has two digits and then the day is two digits and then the words media and lists with no spaces and then whatever hour of the day you're in so if you're in 4th hour class for example I'll just put down 8 as an example 8th hour and then your user name so type your user name i'm gonna type your user name to remind you to type your own user name and then click on save to save it then up at the top here it'll have that file name it should have the date and then the word media list the hour you're in class and then your user name your own user name that you use to log into the computer so you're gonna create use the spreadsheet to create a form that you can print out take home fill out and bring back to school so first let's go to the top and put your name on the form so in cell a1 go ahead and type your first name and your last name so I'll just put an example John Smith okay and then in the next cell press ENTER go to cell a2 and type the day and the date type your own date the date that it is right now not the date that I'm recording this video okay and then the next cell let's type my media inventory and remember you can pause this video anytime you want if you need more time to type something in so you're going to take the swarm home and you're going to make a list of all your different books that are at home video games video tapes CDs DVDs blu-ray discs any sort of media that might be found also at a public library so if you think of a public library you think of something you might check out from a public library and then you think of what's in your house or your home those are the types of items you're going to put down on the list here so books would be great you could actually do magazines video games movies of course I mean those are the types of things you could also find in a library so you're making a list of all these things that you have a home and you're going to bring that list in and you're going to type it into the computer and make a database okay but first you need to make this form so we're going to start with one column which is called the first column we'll just called the item number so go ahead and type ite M space and on the pound sign is on the three up on the top row there item number next we'll have the type of item for example is it a DVD a CD a book etc what other information are you can get from home okay I'm gonna press the tab key to move over to the next cell the title of the item so whatever the actual title or the name of the item is and then the next one is the year that that item was published your published or even let's just call the year made okay that's a little bit shorter tab then let's think about it if you thought about this item how much would you be willing to sell that for so if somebody came up to you and said I will give you three dollars for that would you say okay or would you say no would sell for so how much would you sell this item for another one about who made this item or who published it so let's just call that who made it okay now let's um let's use Excel a little bit to make this a little bit easier to read first of all in column a why don't we make these numbers here so let's number it from one to twenty so let's start with one just type a 1 and press ENTER and then there's an easy way to number something and that is to let's go down to a 7 put the equal sign and then use the up arrow to point at a 6 and then use the plus sign and a 1 and press Enter and you'll see that it adds 1 but if you click on a 7 go ahead and click on a 7 you'll see a 7 is just a 6 which is 1 plus 1 more so 1 plus 1 is 2 now put your mouse on this little tiny square here and pull downward like this not over in this direction but just downward and then let go and you'll see that it just adds 1 to the number above it ok so let's pull down 2 so we have 1 through 20 there we go all right hmm so let's go back to the top.

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